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I created this page to help with your  appointment running as smoothly as possible.

Hopefully this helps!!

1. I want you to get the most out of your appointment so ...... Please be on time !! On your first appointment there will  be paper work and a consult.  At 10 min late I will have to cancel the appointment , because you would just not get the full benefit of your appointment  . ( No exceptions!!)

2.For lash extension appointments.  Please arrive with your lashes free of make up. If you wear strip lashes , remove them about 3 days to a week before your appointment.  The strip lash glue is hard to get out of the base of your  lashes , and takes a  lot of time to clean. You can get a remover at Sally's , or try Witch hazel .  Your appointment may be canceled if to much glue or make up is on your lashes.

Please don't bring guests or children. The appointment is set to 2 hrs, during which your eyes will be taped and closed.  Since I will be working on your eyes with very pointy tweezers , for your safety there can't be any distractions.

I will have to cancel your appointment and charge a $30 fee if you bring children or guest .

 I don't fill lashes from other lash techs. You  can have them removed ( or let them fall out)  , and start a new set.

.....And finally : If you purchased a Groupon

All refunds or exchanges have to go through Groupon.

Groupon may refuse your refund or exchange, if you are passed the 48 refund time, or you don't follow Groupons or my policies.

Please read your fine print carefully . No substitute  is given for your voucher .