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Online booking

Booking online.

1. First you must login, and create a profile. From there should be pretty easy.

2. Select service

3. Select provider ( Michaela Rehling)

4. Select date and time (circled days on calendar are the available days)

5. Press “book my visit “

You should receive a confirmation text and or email. If you did not set up for Reminders, you may not get reminders for your appointment. So please be sure to enter the correct phone number, and email. In the rare event that I have to cancel the service, I will bear no responsibility if I can’t get a hold of you if you entered your information incorrectly.

If you do not receive a confirmation code or text, please check your appointments on Schedulicity. Anything that was correctly booked, will show up in your appointments. If you like I can also check for you and confirm whether an appointment has been booked.

Good morning of your appointment, I will send you detailed instructions on how to get to my office.

If you're having browser related issues , please contact. Schedulicity  1(877) 582-0949

Please note that they cannot give you information in regards to services.